Best ADC Stethoscope 2018

In the stethoscope world there are really just 2 names battling for supremacy, 3M Littmann and ADC or American Diagnostic Corporation. These 2 manufacturers produce stethoscopes for all needs and pocket sizes, so we decided that we would give each one the change to feature their best products. After checking a sufficiently large sample of stethoscopes we came up with the following list of the best ADC stethoscope options available on the market in 2014. We tried most, if not all ADC stethoscopes, and we finally settled on those that had the best price to quality ration in each category.

Best ADC Stethoscope If Price Is Not an Issue

ADC 600 platinum cardiology stethoscope
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To put it simply, the very best ADC stethoscope is the 600 Platinum Cardiology stethoscope. This does not mean that, if you are a student and want to have an edge over your pears you should fast for a week to afford it. It is an excellent stethoscope, but, it requires an equally well trained ear to appreciate it. It is, however, the perfect tool for a doctor, whether he is a cardiologist or a diagnostician. It uses the patented AFD Technology to provide the type of acoustic performance you would get from a bell and diaphragm stethoscope, but from just a one sided chest piece. All you need to do is change the pressure applied on the chest piece in order to change the type of sounds you are listening for. Incidentally, the fact that it has such a smooth, one sided head, makes the ADC 600 Platinum a perfect tool for nurses who need to take blood pressure measurements daily.

The other great thing about the ADC 600 Platinum is the fact that it comes with the Adsoft threaded eartips that offer a perfect sound cancelation seal. They are even easier and more comfortable to use due to the stainless steel binaurals which are angled at 15 degrees so they fit perfectly and comfortably in your ear. Finally, the tubing is a bi-lumen or dual bore so you do not get any false sounds from the friction of the tubes together.

Best ADC Stethoscope on a Budget

ADC Adscope 609 Stethoscope
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The point I was trying to make when talking about the ADC 600 Platinum was that, as a student, you do not need to spend a lot of money on a stethoscope, and, instead, you should focus on getting access to the best book and internet sources. So, if you are a struggling student, or are working in an area where you lose stethoscopes every other day, the best stethoscope on a budget from the American Diagnostic Corporation is the Adscope 609ST. It has those wonderful Adsoft PVC eartips set on the 15 degrees binaurals so the noise cancellation is perfect and the stethoscope feels natural and comfortable around your neck. It uses a combination diaphragm and bell chestpiece that you will need to turn in order to listen to low and high sounds. Still it is a small price to pay considering the fact that the diaphragm is almost as sensitive as on the 600 Platinum, so your auscultation experience is almost as good as that of a professional cardiologist.

Best ADC Stethoscope Overall

ADC Adscope 615 Platinum Stethoscope

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Of course, most nurses and paramedics will want to get the best of both world and that is where the Adscope 615 Platinum comes into play. It uses a new gasketed diaphragm technology to allow you to listen to both low and high frequency sounds with a simple change in pressure. Incidentally, the chestpiece is sculpted from a zinc alloy so it slips very easily under the blood pressure cuff, despite the fact that it is slightly bigger than regular chestpieces. ADC decided to go with a slightly bigger chestpiece to increase its auscultation properties. The headset features a reinforced, double leaf internal spring so you can slip the stethoscope into a pocket and not worry that it will snap or lose its shape with time. It also comes with the Adsoft eartip and 15 degree angle on the binaural that we have already talked about on the other stethoscopes. The quality of the sound rivals although is not a perfect match for the 600 Platinum Cardiology stethoscope, but it is certainly a match for a similarly prices 3M Littmann stethoscope.

First Honorable Mention

ADC Adscope 601 Convertible Cardiology Stethoscope
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We certainly could not close our list of the best ADC Stethoscope of 2014 without mentioning a long time favorite of family doctors, the ADC Adscope 601 Convertible Cardiology Stethoscope. As the name suggests, you have a double sided open diaphragm chestpiece, one adult size and the other pediatric size. With that you get a non-chill sleeve that you attach to the pediatric side converting it to an open bell adult size chest piece. It may sound like a lot of work for a very expensive stethoscope, but the fact remains that, for the money, you get a cardiology level diaphragm, which, for the ADC stethoscopes means a lot more than for the Littmanns. And even if the 601 is an older model, it still comes with the Adsoft eartips and it has the advantage of boasting a 4.5 star rating on Amazon.

Second Honorable Mention

ADC Adscope 603 Stainless Stethoscope
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We have already featured a high end honorable mention, so it is only fair to mention a second entry level stethoscope, the Adscope 603. It has a diaphragm and bell chest piece so you need to turn over the chest piece to listen to either low or high frequency sounds. Needless to say, this would be a very uncomfortable stethoscope for medical professionals who need to measure blood pressure on a daily basis. Still, medical students might find the 603 an interesting alternative because of its reinforced yoke and higher degree of color variations that you get to pick from. It has the Adsoft eartips and the 15 degree angle on the auricular so you do not have to worry, it will fit perfectly and it will provide you with the noise cancelation system that is essential when doing your rounds surrounded by noisy piers and inquisitive teachers.

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