About ADC Stethoscopes

American Diagnostic Corporation or ADC is one of the best known medical appliances manufacturing company which specialises in manufacturing stethoscopes for medical fraternity around the world. ADC Stethoscopes are famous for their efficiency, technology and quality. The company produces a wide range of stethoscopes having different usability and price. The appliance is famous among medical practitioners of all categories, nurses and medical students.

Different categories of ADC stethoscopes:

According to the types and usability the ADC stethoscopes are categorized as under:

  • General Stethoscopes
  • Clinician Stethoscopes
  • Cardiology Stethoscopes
  • Pediatric Stethoscopes
  • Teaching Stethoscopes
  • Disposable Stethoscopes
  • Electronic Stethoscopes

There are wide varieties of brands among each category. Some of these brands have immense popularity among doctors and students in every part of the world.

Here are some classic brands from ADC:

ADC ADSCOPE Convertible Cardiology Stethoscope

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Proscope 670 Stethoscope: The dual headed aluminum-made chest piece combines a diaphragm with non-chill rim and a bell. The latex free PVC tube is 21 inches long. The overall weight of the appliance is 3 ounces. The proprietary diaphragm can enhance sound up to 50% of acoustic response.

Proscope 675 Stethoscope: This is a very light-weight, dual head, non-chill stethoscope actually meant for pediatric use. The 21 inches long PVC tube, 1.4 inch diaphragm and 1 inch bell make it an ideal one for fetus examination.

Adscope 600 Stethoscope: It’s a one sided acoustic stethoscope meant for cardiologists. The single diaphragm has a diameter of about 1-3/4 inches and the chest piece weighs almost 3.6 ounce. Different vibrations are captured by applying different level of pressures. Chest piece is precisely CNC machined to exacting tolerances from surgical stainless steel for outstanding performance and accurate interpretation.

Ascope 602 Stethoscope: This is a traditional cardiology stethoscope having diaphragm and bell. The chest piece weighs about 3.9 ounces, just ideal for cardio- vascular examinations. The cardiology headset with large stainless steel binaural has 15° angle to maximize comfort and acoustic seal. The PVC tube with dual bore remains soft and flexible over the years.

ADC ADSCOPE 602 CardiologyClick here for more details

Adscope 640 Sprague Stethoscope: This is a unique design from ADC, which has been found useful in adult and pediatric treatments. The threaded chest piece drum of chrome plated zinc alloy allows five interchangeable fittings of different dimensions. The appliance weighs almost 7 ounce and tube is almost 15 inches long.

Adscope 647 Sprague-one Stethoscope: Threaded chest piece drum permits the use of five interchangeable chest piece fittings, two diaphragms , and three bells just perfect for any type of patient- adult or pediatric. The latex free 32 inches tube eliminates external sounds completely. Net weight of the stethoscope is almost 5.4 ounces.

Adscope 609 Ultralite Stethoscope: Combination of diaphragm and bell embedded in adult chest piece are machined to exacting tolerances from light weight aluminum. The overall weight of the stethoscope is almost 3.5 ounces with 31 inches length, which make it a perfect adult clinician stethoscope.

There are hundred other brands of ADC Stethoscopes, which have got wide applause from doctors for quality, performance and price. Over the years, ADC is advocating latest technology and design to add more efficiency into their branded stethoscopes.

Dr. Andi Neeson is a long time medical practitioner with years of medical practice and teaching under his belt and the owner of StethoscopeAdvisor.com


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