Why You Need A Stethoscope In Your Home

Stethoscopes serve a wide range of needs of the medical professionals, medical students and nurses. The simple, yet useful, and signature medical device is specifically designed for auscultations, i.e. to listen the sounds of the heart, lungs, intestines and the flow of blood in veins and arteries.

Experts often explain why you need stethoscope on your home! Let’s have a look at different aspects of a stethoscope to understand why everyone should keep the simple but useful equipment at home.


Purpose Of Stethoscopes

The medical practitioners learn to track the condition of the heart and lungs by listening to the sounds through stethoscope. The device is specifically designed to catch frequencies of different levels. Experts learn the significance of these different level of frequencies, thus they can come to a primary interpretation regarding the condition of these vital organs. The machine is also used in combination with sphygmomanometer to measure BP of a person.

Modern day medical professionals use two types of stethoscopes:

Acoustics are the most commonly used stethoscopes with a chestpiece for getting the sound of internal body organs. This stethoscope has two parts- the diaphragm and a bell. The former is used to catch higher frequencies while the latter catches the low frequency sounds. There are some new technologies and discoveries like kinetic acoustic mechanism and stratified continuous lumen applied on the acoustics to make them more efficient in receiving even the feeblest frequencies.

The electronic stethoscopes are also getting popularity nowadays. They are also known as stethophones, which use electronic devices inside it to amplify different internal body sounds for better understanding and analysis. Electronic stethoscopes at first convert the sound into electric signals. The electric signals are then amplified and again transformed into normal sounds. Thus the user gets to hear the sounds of heart or lungs much better; even the feeblest sounds get attention precisely. If needed, these sounds can be recorded too for listening to them again and again.

Benefits Of Keeping A Stethoscope At Home

Stethoscope is a very important machine which helps in understanding conditions of the most vital organs like heart and lungs. It also helps to understand the level of cough in chest and abnormalities in intestines. It’s also used with BP measurement device, sphygmomanometer, to record blood pressure.

The question is why you need stethoscope on your home? Keeping a stethoscope at home is a good idea because it can serve some critical purposes if there is a patient at home. As it’s a habit of common people to keep a thermometer at home to measure the body temperature of any family member having fever, in the similar way a stethoscope is a friend in need. A stethoscope lets one understand the primary condition of a patient at home or in neighborhood.

The important thing is to learn the use of stethoscope to some extent; at least the preliminary matters. These days, learning the use of stethoscope is not a critical job. One can easily get primary knowledge from online learning modules. A nurse, or medical student or a doctor can also help in taking some primary lessons on the use of the medical device.

Having a stethoscope at home and using it to understand the condition of vital body parts of any family member is found to be immensely helpful in critical times. Many people are keeping this device with sphygmomanometer to scale the BP of family members or somebody having BP problem.

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