Why Do You Need A Stethoscope When Taking Blood Pressure?

Not many people are aware as to why do you need a stethoscope when taking blood pressure? The stethoscope is a very useful medical device used by medical practitioners to diagnose any health condition. Nurses make use of these stethoscopes not only to hear the sounds of the lungs and the heart, but even to measure blood pressure. The instrument that is used for measuring blood pressure is known as the Sphygmomanometer.

The force that is exerted by the circulation of blood in the blood vessels is referred to as the blood pressure. The pressure is reduced once the blood flows through the arteries as well as veins, and the arterial pressure can be measured using a sphygmomanometer. The sphygmomanometer basically comprises of three types, namely, the aneroid, mercury and the digital variety.

Most often, in hospitals, nurses make use of hot-air balloon blood pressure cuff and determine the pressure directly by placing the gauge directly on an artery. The cuff is made use for application of pressure on the arteries, and it is puffed up so that the blood flow is blocked and the air is gradually let off. At the similar instance why do you need a stethoscope when taking blood pressure is a big question? The main reason is that a stethoscope is used because it would be beneficial to hear the flow of blood again.

Important Guidelines for Measuring Blood Pressure

It is very necessary to monitor the blood pressure readings from time to time, to keep track of the blood pressure. One can do so using a stethoscope or even as cuff. The normal blood pressure reading for any individual is 120/90, and customarily the doctor would test the blood pressure using a stethoscope as well as a mercury sphygmomanometer.

There are certain guidelines one must follow before obtaining accurate results of blood pressure readings. It is very indispensable that a patient does not consume alcohol, tobacco and caffeine 30 minutes prior to the check up. The patient should be relaxed and then only should the blood pressure be checked. Furthermore, keeping their arm should be lifted up to the level of their heart. The cuff should be wrapped correctly, and the nurse or doctor must make sure that the cuff is placed 1 inch above the elbow of the patient. It is vital to purchase a blood pressure monitor along with a stethoscope.

Where should the Stethoscope be placed?

After understanding why do you need a stethoscope when taking blood pressure, it is also obligatory to be familiar with how it should be placed. Care should be taken that the device is placed flat against the skin, and within the arm of the patient. The circumference of the diaphragm must be just underneath the cuff, and be positioned over the artery. It is after this that the ear pieces of the stethoscope be placed in the ears for hearing the blood flow. The head of the stethoscope must not be held with the thumb as it would confuse the medical professional while taking a reading, as the thumb finger has its own pulsation.

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